Everybody wants to find a win/win solution. Mediation is the best way to achieve these outcomes in a safe, timely and cost effective environment.

At Rae & Partners, we offer a range of mediation services from our Launceston or Devonport offices, on neutral ground. Senior Associate, Jill Prentice is a Resolution Institute trained, nationally accredited mediator. Jill is available to assist disputing parties reach a settlement that produces results for both sides.

Jill specialises in family law disputes, but is also trained and available to mediate any type of matter.

Jill is also a nationally accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She can assist in family law property disputes or issues relating to children. As an experienced family lawyer she understands the issues and how settlements can be sanctioned by the Court.

Contact Jill Prentice on phone (03) 64424 0333 or jill.prentice@raepartners.com.au to learn more about how Rae & Partners’ mediation services can help you.