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Fixed Price Conveyancing | What you need to know

By Rae & Partners — August 19, 2019

At Rae & Partners, there's no one-size-fits-all policy. When it comes to conveyancing in Tasmania, we assess you and your property on an individual basis and tailor our service to suit your needs. We provide a comprehensive quote for our services, for your to factor into your budget.

What is fixed price conveyancing?

Some legal firms and conveyancers offer fixed price conveyancing in Tasmania. Fixed price conveyancing refers to fixed price professional fees for a conveyancer or lawyer's time during the conveyance of your property. When a fixed price is quoted for conveyancing, it's worth bearing in mind that it will not include stamp duty, filing fees or fees charged for searches carried out on your behalf.

Alternatively, firms will quote each conveyance on a case-by-case basis and provide a quote for their services.

What are the pros and cons of fixed price conveyancing in Tasmania?

One of the reasons you may consider a fixed-price conveyancer is because it gives some certainty around how much you need to budget for conveyancing.

Conveyancing in Tasmania is often not as simple as people assume, so much can vary from one file to another. In some cases, urgent legal work may be required which would not be necessary in a more basic conveyance. In these more complicated situations, a conveyancer will often refer clients to a lawyer, who will charge additional fees outside the initial fixed price.

In Tasmania's fast-paced property market, it's important to engage legal professionals for your conveyance who are proactive and flexible.

Contact our team of experts to arrange a quote for your conveyance.