Our knowledgeable and professional team of lawyers at Rae & Partners can provide specialised advice to agricultural businesses of all sizes, ranging from small landholders and families to large-scale agricultural corporates.

We understand how Tasmania’s agricultural sector is positioned in the economy and recognise the specific needs of the diverse businesses and individuals within the industry. We are passionate about providing expert service and advice to protect and promote the growth of each of our client’s businesses.

Our agribusiness services include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • The sale and purchase of farming land, water rights, livestock, and other agricultural assets
  • The leasing of farming land and agricultural assets
  • Agistment and sharefarming agreements
  • Agribusiness structuring (trusts, joint ventures, sharefarming, and partnerships)
  • Succession planning for both family-owned and corporate farming businesses
  • Rural subdivisions, including the creation of easements to allow irrigation and access
  • Estate planning, tailored to families who own and operate farming businesses

Our Tasmanian farmers face unique pressures, so we ensure our specialised and straightforward agribusiness advice contains practical applications to provide effective, real-world solutions.