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Staff spotlight: Cassandra Blair

By Rae & Partners — January 29, 2024

Rae & Partners is home to many individuals who embody a spirit of dedication and expertise. Cassandra Blair, Principal in the Commercial, Estates, and Estate Planning sectors, stands out as one of these figures for her clientele and our team.

Cassandra's journey

Cassandra's career grew from her childhood aspirations. "I had wanted to be a lawyer since I was a little girl", she says, and it felt like a natural fit for her. However, her journey to her current role as Principal was preceded by a diverse range of work experiences, from Banjos Bakery to various administrative roles – Cassandra had plenty of real-world experience before starting her studies.

While working and studying for an Arts degree at the University of Tasmania's campus in Launceston, she welcomed her son, Alex. Successfully juggling being a mother and studying, Cassandra graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and Political Science and started a position with Searson Buck. However, the itch to continue her studies remained, and she enrolled in her law degree at Deakin University, graduating in 2013. Cassandra was admitted after her PTC Course with Leo Cussen and commenced her career with Rae & Partners.

RP Devonport 3 Cassandra Blair Crop

A positive impact on clients and community

Cassandra's career can be characterised by adaptability and determination. Starting in Devonport in 2013, moving to Launceston in 2015, and returning to Devonport in 2017 (where she continues to service the community) – she has continued to provide exceptional service to her clientele. Her expertise in Commercial Law covers a broad spectrum of legal intricacies. From handling leasing and conveyancing to business transactions, estate planning, and more, Cassandra navigates the complexities with style. Her role extends to diverse areas like strata/subdivision developments, easements, business succession planning, and crafting credit terms and conditions.

A typical week in Cassandra's professional life is a blend of office and remote work. Managing support staff, addressing queries from young lawyers, and overseeing general work, estates, and conveyancing, she coordinates her role with precision. Her commitment to providing timely and cost-effective services is at the centre of her work and is why she is the perfect fit within our team.

Cassandra's impact on clients and the Devonport community is profound. Her dedication ensures that clients receive top-notch legal services tailored to their needs. The smaller team in Devonport thrives on collaboration, creating a unique and effective work environment.

Her clientele mirrors the diversity of Tasmania – businesspeople, farmers, the elderly, and young property buyers. Rae & Partners ensures accessibility for all, so whether clients seek face-to-face consultations or prefer the virtual realm through telephone or online, appointments are simple to make. 

Cassandra's journey from childhood aspirations to becoming a Principal at Rae & Partners is a testament to her resilience and passion for the law. Her positive impact is felt not just within the firm's walls, but resonates across the Devonport community.

As she continues to shape the future of commercial law, her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring legal minds.