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Staff spotlight: Clare Broadhurst

By Rae & Partners — December 07, 2023

Our Rae & Partners team is comprised of skilled professionals who each contribute their unique experiences and talents to provide exceptional legal services in Tasmania. In this staff spotlight, we shine the light on one of those individuals, Clare Broadhurst, a Senior Associate in the Commercial team, whose journey into law is as unique as the Tasmanian landscape she hails from.

Clare Broadhurst

From farm to firm

Clare's story begins in southern Tasmania, where she spent her childhood on a farming property. Her journey into law took a scenic route – she initially trained as a nurse before venturing into commerce. Looking back, Clare confesses she should have pursued law at that time, but life took her on a different course.

For a decade, Clare worked with one of the ‘big four’ in agribusiness banking and strategic planning. However, the desire to delve into the legal realm persisted. Balancing work, family, and studies, Clare pursued a law degree, and eventually (and thankfully) landed at Rae & Partners.

Clare's expertise lies in subdivisions, strata developments, commercial and agricultural transactions (acquisitions, disposals, leasing, licencing), not-for-profit matters, and estate planning. Her seemingly disparate background in farming, banking, and health has proven to be invaluable in her daily work, offering a unique perspective that benefits her clients. Clients that include corporates, business owners, developers, farmers, mums and dads, and not-for-profits.

Her commitment to serving clients with diverse needs keeps her schedule dynamic and engaging.

Client impact: making the complex simple

Clare shares that her favourite aspect of her work is being able to “assist my clients navigate the law to achieve their goals and their desired outcomes as smoothly as possible”.

So, whether you have a commercial transaction, complex subdivision, business planning, a not-for-profit venture, or seeking assistance in estate planning, you can easily reach out to Clare at the office by phone or our contact form.