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Staff spotlight: Jillian Hall

By Rae & Partners — March 07, 2024

Staff spotlight: Jillian Hall

We are proud to introduce to you Jillian Hall, Principal at Rae & Partners, and an integral part of our Management Team for the Devonport office. With a wealth of experience in commercial law and a deep-rooted connection to the community, Jillian brings a unique blend of expertise and local insight to her practice.

Jillian’s journey

Jillian's journey into law wasn't conventional. Unlike many in the field, she didn't have a predefined path towards studying law. It wasn't until she embarked on her legal career that she discovered her passion for commercial law. Armed with a combined Commerce/Law degree and a Business degree with postgraduate First-Class Honours in Accounting and Corporate Governance, Jillian found herself naturally inclined towards the complexities of commercial law.

Throughout her studies and career, Jillian's interest in commercial law grew. Her favourite aspect of her work lies in problem-solving, particularly navigating through complex legal issues to find innovative solutions for her clients. Whether it's structuring transactions for tax-effectiveness, providing comprehensive advice on real property matters, or delving into estate planning and business succession planning, Jillian thrives on the challenges that commercial law presents.

Rae Partners 3 crop Jillian Hall

A week in the life

A typical week for Jillian is a dynamic mix of advisory work, transactional duties, mentoring, and office management. From responding to client emails and phone calls to supervising her team and managing office operations, Jillian's days are filled with diverse responsibilities, reflecting the multifaceted nature of her role.

Speaking of diverse, Jillian's clientele spans a wide demographic, including businesses, local government authorities, charitable institutions, landlords, tenants, and individuals alike. While she might sound busy, rest assured – new clients can easily schedule appointments with Jillian and her team through the Rae & Partners website or by reaching out to the Devonport office directly.

Jillian's presence in Devonport extends beyond her legal practice; it's deeply rooted in her upbringing and personal connections within the community. Having grown up in Devonport, with her parents running a local business for three decades, Jillian's ties to the community run deep. Her familiarity with the locals fosters instant rapport and trust, making clients feel assured that they are in capable hands.

Jillian Hall's dedication to the profession, coupled with her commitment to serving the Devonport community, embodies the values that define Rae & Partners. We are privileged to have her as part of our team, driving excellence in commercial law and making a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients.