Job Title: Associate - Family Law

Jenna is passionate about justice. Even from a young age, she has always had a strong desire to speak up for those who need support - even if her many siblings never actually asked for any!

Today, she practices Family Law based at Rae & Partners Devonport, advising in relation to both children's and property matters.

Jenna strives to provide practical advice that is easy to understand. She enjoys getting to know her clients so she can understand their unique needs and family dynamic to achieve the best possible resolution.

Jenna was admitted to the legal profession in 2018 and has a combined Bachelor of Arts and Laws with First Class Honours in Law.

When not in the office, Jenna enjoys reading too many books at once and spending time with friends and family. A complete food obsessive, Jenna can always be found either reading a cookbook, investigating a menu, or eating as much as possible.