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Staff spotlight: Louis Benjamin

By Rae & Partners — November 22, 2023

At Rae & Partners, our team is composed of dedicated and talented individuals who bring diverse experiences to the table. In this staff spotlight, we focus on Louis Benjamin, a solicitor in our Employment Law and Commercial Law teams. Louis joined our firm as a graduate in the commercial law team in 2021, and since then, he has made significant contributions to our practice.

Louis Benjamin: from industrial design to industrial relations

Rae Partners Louis Benjamin

Louis's journey to the legal profession is both unique and fascinating. Before entering the legal world, he spent over a decade as a mechanical draftsman, specialising in detail and design drawings for industrial plant and equipment. However, Louis felt the need for a change and embarked on a five-year journey of studying law at the University of Tasmania.

"I took law as an elective, initially, but I got a taste for it quickly," says Louis. In 2020, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Law with Honours in Law and was admitted to practice in 2021. Louis' initial perception of commercial law as a stepping stone to more litigious areas shifted as he found himself captivated by the machinations of the field.

During his first year at Rae & Partners, Louis had the opportunity to cover a temporary vacancy in the Employment Law team. This experience marked his introduction to what he felt was one of the most dynamic and engaging areas of law, setting the stage for his current role.

Louis finds immense satisfaction in explaining complex legal issues and witnessing the 'penny drop' for his clients. "I really enjoy the moments where the simple but precise use of words brings together the solution to a problem," he shares.

Louis specialises in the Industrial Relations and Employment Law space, a field that not only directly impacts people's livelihoods, but also their rights and reputations. His work encompasses drafting and reviewing employment contracts and responding to policy breaches, dealing with employment termination, and ensuring procedural fairness.

Louis's work includes advising on organisational rules and structures, which can involve working from home issues and discrimination, as well as harassment in the workplace. His expertise extends to navigating the complexities of the Fair Work Act, awards, enterprise agreements, and associated regulations.

Describing a typical week in his role, Louis emphasises the variety of tasks he undertakes. From reading and annotating documents to drafting letters of advice and contractual documents, his workload is diverse. As a member of Rae & Partners' diversity committee, Louis also dedicates time to volunteer work, meeting with clients of the Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service to assist with separated family refugee visa applications.

From advising employers on achieving operational needs without compromising employee rights to advocating for individuals facing disciplinary action, Louis' work is a testament to his and the firm's commitment to fairness and equality. "Because of what employment means to so many people and how closely it is tied to so many facets of our lives, many of the issues we see in this space cut right to the heart of fairness and equality".

Louis' clients span a broad spectrum, ranging from individuals and small businesses to large organisations and peak bodies. Expressing his enthusiasm for new challenges, Louis welcomes new clients to get in touch through a phone call or email to the office, or to enquire through the website here.

For Rae & Partners, Louis is a dedicated professional, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for justice to the forefront of our Employment and Commercial Law teams. His commitment to precision, fairness, and client satisfaction is something he, and Rae & Partners, truly value.